Bisexual Gatwick Escorts

I used to live in this little village in Wiltshire, and I always felt really out of my place. In a way, I thought it was strange at first but then I discovered that I was bisexual – I fancied both men and women. It was kind of strange experience, and I decided I just had to move away as I was pretty sure that no one else in the village was bisexual. So, I moved off to Gatwick, and started to work in a bar. One day, I met this guy who though I was really pretty and asked if I wanted to join London escorts. I know working for Gatwick escorts sounds like a strange job, but I love it.

There are many advantages of living in Gatwick as a bisexual woman. First of all, working for Gatwick escorts has helped a lot. I am not the only one of London escorts who is bisexual, and it is nice to be able to be open about your sexuality. Had I stayed in Salisbury that would not have been possible, and I would have felt that I would have stood out. Here, I am just accepted for what I am.

At the moment I am working as part of a duo dating team at Gatwick escorts. The girl I work with at Gatwick escorts, Alana, is super hot and she really does turn me on. We have loads of fun together, and we can really relax in each other company. I think that makes a huge difference, and at the moment we are the most popular duo dating team at the agency. The girls on the reception always recommend us so we get tons of work in. Yes, we earn well but at the same time, we have masses of fun.

Another advantage is that I have through Gatwick escorts, found lots of bisexual clubs in Gatwick. There always place to go if you are not 100 per cent straight, and that is important to me. Alina from Gatwick escorts, and I often go out with each other and have tons of fun. Believe it or not, there are even Swingers clubs in Gatwick that expect bisexual Gatwick escorts like me and Alina. We have started to go to quite a few meetings and we really enjoy them. Lots of nice people out there, and we have fun with others at the same time.

Of course, not all Gatwick escorts are bisexual but we do tend to be rather broad minded. Sometimes I wonder if we are meant to be totally straight or gay, maybe we are meant to play around with our sex lives. There are times when I fancy being with a man, and there are times, I fancy being with a woman. After all, it is what turns you, and I never know what is going to turn me on. There are handsome men out there and sexy ladies, and that is what I really like being a single bisexual woman in Gatwick.

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