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The beauty of Plus Size Models in London

I think that we are too hung up about size. More gents than ever would like to date plus size escorts in London. You may ask yourself why so many gents are becoming interested in dating plus of London escorts. Personally I think that it has something to with plus size celebs. Check out plus […]

Why I travel to London for adult fun

I have always been fond of travelling to London. It is a great place for shopping and you can really enjoy the shopping in London. Unlike many parts of the US, it is not full of chain stores. You can find some excellent boutique shops where you can pick up unique pieces and I love […]

About the Maidenhead

Supermarkets are making a really big deal about what they call Maidenhead. They say that people do not buy strange looking vegetables. I am not so sure that is true, and I have never really worried about it. I am pretty sure that it is the supermarkets who have told growers that they need a […]

What has Wembley escorts got that other escorts do not have?

When I first told my mates that I dated escorts in Wembley on my trips there, they almost feel about laughing. Many of them think that London girls are the only escorts in the world, but I have fallen for Wembley escorts. There is something different about them , and I wish that some […]

I can’t resist Beckenham escorts in London

When I used to visit London a few years ago, I used to hook up with the most expensive escorts in London. Now, London escort agencies seem to have popped up all over the place, and there are more hotels as well. When I visited before, you could only find good hotels in the center […]

Knightsbridge Escorts Give Me Sexy Dreams

I don’t have a lot of dreams but I do have one reoccurring dream about Knightsbridge escorts in London. It is my favorite dream of all time, and I wake up all excited and ready to go. I think that it is one of those dreams that are a bit like wishful thinking, and […]

Notting hill escorts

Notting hill escorts scene in summer, who dates Notting hill escorts in summer? This could be the busiest here we are at many of the hot babes in Wimbledon and Cambridge. The Naughty boys are in town wonderful their clingy cars and endless shopping lists. They likewise have some truly interesting wish list and […]

Tips when dating the petite escorts

How can I date petite escorts of well? This has been the main question that many guests to the city has been asking when dating petite escorts. Through these dates when having the good times with the petite escorts, the guests thus making sure the guests have something that they can talk about when […]

Help I cannot stop shopping!

I am not afraid to say, I just cannot stop shopping. Lots of the girls here at Harrow escorts know that I have a bit of a problem, and they have suggested that I do something about it. The thing is that I do feel a bit embarrassed about my habit, and I don’t […]